Charleston Twestival

Last night I attended the Charleston Twestival.  What is twestival? Well, being the internet geek I am, let me give you a rundown.

“Charleston is now one of the many international cities participating in the worldwide Twestival, which brings people together using social media in order to raise money for charity.  Each city chooses its own charity and Charleston has chosen Concern Worldwide.  All of the events will raise money to target worldwide poverty.”

It was a really great event! I knew a couple people that attended but also got to make some new friends. BUT…(knew that was coming) unfortunately I couldn’t completely enjoy myself. Because I couldn’t eat anything!

Since I went right after work and wasn’t going to be home until 10PM, I knew I had to eat something. So after a quick stop at the corner store I made my way to Marion Square to eat some dinner. Please look how fancy I am.


Seriously, I had a Lunchable for dinner.  Now that was just sad.  Especially since I had to watch people eat delicious baked goods and jambalaya all night.

Bread pudding … which I’ll just assume was delicious


Here are some other fun photos from the event: (courtesy of Chad Norman’s Photo Set)

The event was held at The Real Estate Studio

There’s Sweet Tea Vodka in there!

DJ Natty Heavy was great!

Can you spot me at the auction table? :)


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